How to pick your size doo-rag/doo-cap


plus $6.00 Priority mail FOR UP TO 10 DOO-RAGS

Our doo-rags & doo-caps

have terry cloth built into the band

for extra absorbency.

Most of the materials are

manufactured in the USA

and 100% breathable cotton. 

They don't shrink or fade

washing in cold to warm water

The Sizing is easy


Small is for petite people~11" dome

(from where your ear attaches to your head

across the top of your head to the other ear)


Medium is normal size~13" dome


Large is for "bucket heads"~15" dome

(and you know you're out there)

There are three long tails and by tying

the center piece in between the knot,

you can tighten the center piece too

and it won't blow off your head

when riding without a helmet

even at 100 MPH!!!


How to Tie your doo-rag/doo-cap

1.  Place on head with band area down on forehead, put center piece up on head 2.  Start a knot with outside two ties. 3.  Tighten down till your eyeballs pop!
4.  Put center piece down. 5.  Finish up knot over top of center. 6.  Ride like the wind!!!!!

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